Free Tools by Baseline

All of the following tools are free to use and can help you get started on your brand journey. For the full experience you should sign up for a Baseline account.

Brand Guide

Create a digital brand guide, for free, and standardize your brand experience. Baseline makes everything super easy and documents every detail for you.

Logo Maker

Need a logo to start your brand journey? No problem, we got you covered. Our Logo Maker helps you create a simple logo that you can then create a full brand based on, with only a couple of clicks.

Type Scale Generator

Easy to use type scale generator for consistent typography. Automatic code generated for CSS and Tailwind configs.

Background Remover

Easily remove backgrounds from images using Artificial Intelligence. Simply upload the image and our AI will get to work cutting the image up and return it to you.

Color Wheel

Discover the relationship between colors and create beautiful palettes. A fantastic tool to understand the relationship between colors and study color theory.

Color Palettes

Explor beautiful color palettes for every occation. Every color palette has code generated for CSS, Sass, and TailwindCSS. You can then create a logo and then a brand guide using any of the palettes.

CSS Gradients

Gorgeous CSS gradients, with super easy editing features. Find the perfect one or modify them to fit your needs. Perfect for designers, developers and brands.

CSS Photo Filters

Awesome Photo filters, with simple editing and CSS to copy. Upload your own photo and select the perfect filter, or modify one to fit your needs.

Norde Icon Manager

Norde Source makes it easy to customize entire icon sets to fit your brand. Built for designers, developers, marketers and anyone who works with a lot of icons.