We Thrive For Better Branding

Baseline was born after our founder, Gilli, spent years working as a consultant, helping companies that ranged from tiny mom-and-pop shops to the largest banks in the world, and seeing a repeating pattern; It's incredibly hard to stay on-brand.

Every business needs to manage brands, whether it's for their business, products, or clients. Every brand comes with its logo, fonts, colors, etc. But it's a major headache to make it all work together so that everybody can use and contribute to it. Creating a simple Instagram post to celebrate a holiday becomes a multi-day project involving managers, designers, and marketing personnel, who all have to be involved in every post.

But it doesn't have to be like that. Brands are essentially very structured entities, with assets and rules that can be leveraged to automate many problems that come along with managing them. That's Baseline's mission: making it easier to manage a brand. All from gathering and organizing your brand assets to creating new assets, such as social media images, which Baseline makes incredibly easy.

We plan to keep expanding to cover every essential avenue brands need—making Baseline the only app you need to manage your brand.

Made in Iceland

Rooted in the captivating landscapes of Iceland, Baseline draws inspiration from the country's breathtaking beauty and resilient spirit. Just as Iceland's unique environment influences its culture, our products are infused with the same sense of wonder and determination that define this land. From the awe-inspiring glaciers to active volcanos, the essence of Iceland runs through everything we create, reminding us to embrace the extraordinary in every aspect of our brand.

We're building a platform that people love using.

Join thousands of happy users and discover a branding platform that people adore using and experience branding like never before, with a platform designed for ease of use, automation, and results.