All-in-one brand platform

Automate your content creation and boost your brand presence. Get solid brand guidelines and create consistent designs effortlessly.

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In Baseline, everything revolves around the brand. With everything in one place and neatly organized, everyone knows where to find what they need and get things done.

How it works

Add a brand

You start by setting up your brand following a few simple steps where Baseline automates most of the hard work for you.

Create Content

Once your brand is added, you can create content that automatically uses your brand assets.

Stay on-brand

Share your brand guide, copy automatically generated CSS and design on-brand content, all without effort!

Brand Guide

Collect all your brand assets in one place. Share and collaborate with your team and clients. Takes two minutes on average to setup and makes everything easy to download and copy.


We invested into Baseline because it solved one simple problem for us, the amount of time it takes to get a brand guideline together. It saves our team countless hours per brand.
Bao Phan
Owner, Boulder Decisions

Easy setup

It only takes a couple of minutes to setup a brand guide.

Download & Copy

All your brands are only a click away, you can share, download and copy all your assets with ease.


You can get started for free on our free plan and upgrade when your needs grow.

Design Editor

Our Design editor has all your branded assets on hand at any time, allowing you to create at speeds never seen before. Simple to use, but powerful.


Always on-brand templates

Baseline has a big library of templates that already pick up your brand assets automatically.


Each design is tied to the brand it belongs to, so you can easily collaborate on designs with your team.

Easy to Use

The editor is easy to use and beginner friendly, while also being powerful and feature packed.

Digital Asset Management

Easily store, organize, and access all your brands digital assets in one centralized location.


Baseline helps my agency organize the branding assets for my clients. We now have one place for the logos, colors, & fonts, which is a necessity for marketing & website design. Many of our clients don't have a branding guide, and this is a great little add-on to put together for them. Plus, best support I've seen!
Dave Gustafson
Owner, Peak Digital Strategy, Inc


Tags, Folders and categories, everything you need to quickly find your asset is at your fingertips.


Keep your files up-to-date by adding new revisions, see all historical changes and revert back to an old version with a single click.


Invite your team or clients to access brand assets, add comments, and use in other parts of Baseline.

Office environment

Over 13,000 brands created

We're just beginning and Baseline will only get more powerful as time goes on

“...Finally, one place for all the vital branding information with quick and easy access...”

— Dave Gustafson, WSI Peak Digital Strategy, Inc.

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It only takes a couple of minutes to create a brand

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