How to Increase Your Brand Presence and Why You Need to

Nov 17, 2022 — Gilli Sigurdsson
How to Increase Your Brand Presence and Why You Need to

Do you want to increase your brand visibility? Do you want your business or brand name to stand out and not get lost in the crowd?

Brands are everywhere today, so how do you get noticed? What makes your brand unique and why should anyone care?

To increase your brand visibility, you need to make sure that your brand stands out from the crowd. This means making sure your brand has a clear identity, your brand message is consistent across every channel, and your brand is memorable.

The problem is most businesses don't know how to create a strong and consistent brand presence.

Once you understand its importance, you'll see why it's essential to the long-term success of your business. Most companies spend money every year trying to achieve the same thing; building a strong brand.

If you want to increase your brand presence, then read on and learn how to create a strong brand presence.

What is Brand Presence?

A simple way to understand what brand presence is that it's the ability to create a unique identity for yourself and your products or services.

People who are familiar with your brand will recognize it when they hear or see it. Brand presence is the ability to be recognized when others search for your brand name online.

Your brand is everything that represents your company. It's the face of your business. Do you know brand presence refers to the entire package of elements that represent your company?

Brand presence is all the elements that make up your company's identity. These include your logo, tagline, color scheme, website design, advertising campaigns, product packaging, point-of-sale materials, business cards, letterheads, stationery, signage, uniforms, etc.

Brand presence can also be referred to as brand awareness or corporate branding. If you want to grow your business, you need to build brand awareness.

The more consistent your brand elements are across your various platforms, the stronger your brand becomes.

Since consistency is important, it's essential you understand how to increase your brand presence.

The Difference Between Brand Recognition and Brand Presence

Brand recognition is when you're recognized by name, whereas brand presence is when others recognize your company through its products or services.

Brand recognition is when people recognize your brand name or logo. When people recognize your brand name, they associate your company with certain feelings. They may feel confident buying from you because they trust you.

Brand presence is when your target audience remembers your company because of your products and services. When you build a strong brand presence, you create a positive impression in the minds of consumers because they're familiar with your products or services. This helps them trust you and feel confident buying from you.

To be successful at building brand awareness and growing your business, you need to build brand recognition and brand presence.

Why is Brand Presence Important?

According to research, 77% of those in leadership and marketing roles state having a strong brand is an essential component of their growth plans.

Having brand presence is important for many reasons.

1. People want to associate with brands

Strong brands create an identity. They give consumers a sense of belonging and connection, therefore people want to associate with it.

Just think of one of the most popular brands in the world, Apple. They don't just make revolutionary products; they enrich people's lives. Therefore, they have millions of loyal customers who will support them and continue to buy their products or services.

2. A strong brand presence builds credibility

If you have a good reputation, people will believe you. This will build your credibility. An effective way to gain this reputation is to establish a strong brand presence, which can be done through social media marketing and leverage different social media accounts.

3. Strong brands can help you reach new markets

You can only sell to people who already know about you. To reach a new customer base, having a strong brand presence will make it easier to influence potential customers to buy your products or services. Having a social platform lets others know more about your brand.

4.A strong brand presence increases sales

Consumers buy from companies they like and trust. If your brand is well-known, people will be more likely to purchase from you. That's what will help you create a brand that will be around for a long time.

5. Companies can use brand presence to differentiate themselves

Companies often try to compete on price alone. However, if you have a stronger brand presence and offer better quality products or services than your competitors, you'll have a competitive advantage. Your brand presence alone can differentiate yourself from your competition.

6. Brands can promote other products or services

Some companies use their brand to promote other products or even services. For example, Nike uses its famous swoosh design to promote other sports apparel. That strategy alone earns them millions of dollars every year.

7. Having a strong brand presence can help you attract investors

People who want to invest look for companies with a strong brand presence. Investors want to invest in companies that have a proven track record and a solid reputation.

8. Brands impact consumer behavior

People prefer to choose brands over non-branded products. When people see a logo, they automatically associate it with a product or service. If you have a strong brand presence, you can play a part in their daily life.

9. Brand presence can play a part in community initiatives

Many strong brands often support local communities as part of their marketing efforts because it's another way to increase their brand awareness. Communities also prefer to collaborate with brands that are responsible and have a good reputation.

10.Building brand presence can help you achieve success

When you have a strong brand, you can communicate through effective marketing campaigns with your target audience. This will allow you to connect with them and earn their trust. This will help you build better relationships with your customers and create a strong following.

When you focus on increasing your brand presence, you'll boost your business reputation and build better brand awareness, which will lead to more business success.

How to Increase Your Brand Presence?

Here are ways you can increase your brand presence.

1. Create a brand identity

Your brand identity is the overall impression of your company. It includes everything about your company: your mission statement, your tagline, your visual identity, your corporate colors, etc.

2. Ensure you stay on-brand

Make sure all your communications (e.g., website, social media posts, emails) reflect the same brand message. Consistency helps consumers understand what your brand represents.

3. Use visuals to represent your brand

Visuals are powerful tools that can help you convey your brand message. They can be anything from logos to images to videos. Visuals can be used in your marketing strategies to help tell the story of your brand.

4. Keep your branding consistent

Creating brand guides is one way to keep your branding consistent. Also, avoid using too much text or having too many elements. Simplicity is key when creating a strong brand presence.

5. Be authentic

Genuine and honest communication will make a positive impression on your target audience. Don't pretend to be someone else. Consumers can sense when you're trying to fake something. Authentic communication builds trust between you and your audience.

6. Build a brand personality

A brand personality is the voice of your brand. It reflects who you are and what you believe in. A brand personality can include things like values, beliefs, and goals.

7. Have a consistent tone

Keep a consistent tone throughout your communications. The tone of your messages should match the tone of your brand. For example, if you use a casual tone in your email signature, then your emails should also be written casually.

8. Offer value and helpful resources

Provide relevant content consistently. Develop your social media presence. You can leverage social media platforms to share different types of content and free resources, provide helpful tips, and engage with your customers. Using social media strategies and content marketing is a powerful way for business owners to increase their brand presence.

Another way to offer value is through guest posting. You can create blog content as part of your awareness campaign. Find complimentary businesses you can write a blog post or create a free resource for.

9. Focus on quality

Your brand presence isn't just about being visible. Providing quality content matters as well. Make sure your content ideas are high quality and useful. If they're not, your potential customers won't be drawn to your brand's products or services.

10. Get feedback

It's important to listen to what your audience says about your brand. Ask them questions about your brand and what they think about it. By doing this, you'll learn more about what works and what doesn't work for your brand.

How Baseline Can Help Increase Your Brand Presence

Baseline is a design tool that helps you create and manage all your brand assets. Our mission is to make managing a brand easier.

If you want to improve your brand awareness efforts, it's essential to create assets that are on-brand and are also easy to manage.

With Baseline, you can:

  • Create automated content for your blog and social networks using templates provided.
  • Set up different brands and create brand guidelines to help you keep your designs consistent and on-brand, regardless of your skill level.
  • Share your brand guide with others, which will include all your design elements.
  • Upload images and add stock photos, and remove backgrounds if you want to.
  • Add a tone of voice to your brand, which means everyone involved can communicate about your brand consistently.
  • And so much more.

To find out more and to start a free 30-day trial with 10 brands and 30 free downloads, visit Baseline now.

In conclusion, if you want to increase your brand presence, give people a reason to remember you. To build brand awareness, staying front-of-mind by sharing relevant quality content, offering freebies, and engaging with your audience will help you grow your brand and enhance your brand's reputation.

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