Keep all your brands assets in one place

Easily store, organize, and access all your brands digital assets in one centralized location. No more scrolling through endless folders or searching through various platforms for the perfect asset

Collaborate and Share

Create teams and invite team members to access specific folders and assets, allowing for seamless collaboration and teamwork.


Tags, Folders and categories, everything you need to quickly find your asset is at your fingertips.

Track History and Revisions

Keep your files up-to-date by adding new revisions, see all historical changes and revert back to an old version with a single click.

Start Growing Your Brand Today

Join thousands of happy users and discover a branding platform that people adore using and experience branding like never before, with a platform designed for ease of use, automation, and results.

That's not all

Asset Management is just a part of it. Baseline is on a mission to cover all the needs of brands by making an interconnected brand platform where you have all the tools you need to stay on-brand, consistently and easily

Brand Guide

Collect all your brand assets in one place. Share and collaborate with your team and clients. Takes two minutes on average to setup and makes everything easy to download and copy.

Design editor

Our design editor is tailor-made for brand requirements, offering instant access to your brand logos, fonts, colors, and more with just a click. It combines numerous features in a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need to repeatedly search or upload brand elements.

On-brand design templates

Get hundreds of design templates that automatically use your brand assets, making it incredibly easy to stay on-brand.

Social Media Publishing (Coming Soon)

Schedule and post your brand's social media posts directly from Baseline to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.