Monthly Wrap-up for August

Sep 01, 2022 — Gilli Sigurdsson

The month is at an end so I wanted to update you on what's new this month. There is quite a lot of new features, most notably we added the most requested feature ever, Teams!

Finally you can create teams, link brands to them and invite people to view, edit, and create content for those brands. You can also create your own templates and link them to your team.

It's in beta so expect some possible issues but definitely go give it a try. Read about how to use it here or read the help docs here:

In other news, here is a list of all the changes this month:


  • Teams, go add your teammates and manage their access to your brands (Beta)
  • Added logo upload support for .ai, .pdf, and .eps in brand guide
  • When replacing the logo of an already created brand, you can now choose whether or not to detect and override the brand colors with those found in the logo
  • Logos imported via PDF, EPS, or AI, now automatically convert text to curves, which fixes issues with text not rendering correctly.
  • Logos with strokes at the edge of the logo no longer get cut off when importing
  • Duplicate Brands - Now you can now make a copy of a brand
  • Delete uploads - Hover over a upload, click the three dots that show up, and select delete
  • 3734 new illustrations in the Elements tab
  • Added loading indicator when creating and viewing designs since they can be large and take a while to load and apply the brand
  • Transparent background for downloads - Make the background of your designs transparent instead of white when downloading PNG or WebP


  • Emails addresses are no longer case-sensitive when logging in
  • A bug affecting undo/redo when multiple layers are moved at once
  • An issue where deleting a gradient would remove the wrong gradient
  • A bug overriding the brand colors every time you uploaded a new logo of an already created brand


  • Layer depth positioning is now also included in the sidebar next to vertical and horizontal positioning
  • Scroll bars inside the editor canvas now go over the design when it's flowing outside of the view

What we are working on

  • Speed optimizations: There are times where Baseline slows down quite a lot, there are several reasons for this, one is of course that we are doing complicated things on most pages by applying your brand to every single templates. So we will be spending some time to optimize performance.
  • Translations: Our customers are international and so we are looking into adding translations. If you are interested in helping out with translations for a particular language, comment on this topic:
  • Download logos in more formats, such as PNG, JPEG, and EPS
  • Logo versions: Add more logo versions other than just the colored, black and white ones.

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New on our blog

Teams is live!

Nice links from the web

  • The 4 Elements Of An Effective Brand
  • Is your company logo a ‘Karen,’ a ‘Heather,’ or maybe even a ‘Brandon’?
  • A change of brand podcast - Behind the scenes stories of rebrand glory, drama, or disaster
  • Why companies are 'debranding'(Video) - I personally think the point they drive with the warner brothers is key to this 'debranding' trend. A "simple" logo unlocks the world of possibility. You can use it in so many more applications, which shows itself well when using Baseline, it's easy to take a simple logo and make it look stunning in a design if it's relatively simple but hard when the logo is so complicated it doesn't look good with any design really.

That's all for this month. See you again next month.

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Gilli Sigurdsson

Gilli Sigurdsson

Gilli Sigurdsson is the founder and CEO at Baseline. He likes to write about design, productivity, branding, but occasionally he will talk about the bad weather in Iceland.

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