Teams is live!

Gilli Sigurdsson 22 Aug 2022

Our most requested feature to date has finally arrived (in beta), Teams!

Finally you can create teams, add brands to them and invite people to view, edit, and create content for those brands. You can also create your own templates and link them to your team.

Creating teams #

To create a team, login to your account and head to the account menu in the top right corner. Click on "Teams" and fill out the text field "Team Name" to create your team.

Once your team is added you can invite all your team members via email by sending them one by one with the "Invite via email" field.

You can also link your brands to the team, using the "Brands" field in the top right corner of your team card.

Your team brands and templates will then show up in every team members dashboard, below the "Your brands" section.

Editing team member permissions #

You can edit every members permission by making them admin, which will give them the ability to edit brands, delete brands, invite to teams, and edit everybodies permission

To edit the permissions go to the teams page, find the member and toggle Admin, Allow to edit brands, or Allow to create designs.

Adding templates #

To add a template for your team, go to the design you would like to use as the template, click on settings in the left tab-bar, find the "TEAM" section and add your team to the "Add as Template for" field. Once you've enabled it, your templates should show up in every team members dashboard.

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