Free Brand Guide

Do you want your brand to look professional and consistent? Then you need a brand guide, and Baseline has a super easy to set up brand guide for you. It's full of useful features like privacy controls, click-to-copy, automatically generated shades, logo options, and more!

Click on a logo to see an example brand guide

These are not official brand guides and only serve for demonstration purposes


Share and Download Logos

Black and white versions of your logo and logomark are automatically genered by Baseline. And then made available for download to anyone who has access to your brand guide.

Easy Copy

Baseline Brand Guide automatically generates CSS, SASS, and Tailwind code for colors, fonts and typography that you can simply copy-paste into your projects.

Color Palette

The color palette is automatically generated based on the colors in your logo. You can then easily copy-paste the hex, RGB and CMYK values for your colors with a click. There is also code generated for CSS, SASS, and Tailwind which can also be copied with a click.


Document your brand fonts and get CSS, SASS, and Tailwind values to easily copy-paste to your projects.

I can't express enough how Baseline has transformed our branding experience. From saving countless hours on creating brand guidelines to effortlessly collaborating with our team, Baseline has truly exceeded our expectations. The convenience of having all our brand assets in one place and the user-friendly design editor have significantly boosted our brand presence. I highly recommend Baseline to anyone looking to revolutionize their brand management process. 👍'

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Type Scale

A good type scale is the foundation of good typography. Create the perfect type scale using our easy type scale generator and then easily copy-paste CSS, SASS, and Tailwind values to your projects.

Prohibited Uses

Teach and learn how not to use your logo with out prohibited use cases section.

Logo Safe Zone

Set and show your logo safe zone to make sure you're logo is never cramped with other content around it.

Tone of Voice

Answer a few questions to find your brands tone of voice. This is a great tool to make sure everybody is on the same page when it comes to how your brand communicates.

Photography and Galleries

Show and share your visual assets with brand galleries. A great way to communicate your visual language and easily share them.

That's not all

A brand guide is just the start. Baseline is on a mission to cover all the needs of brands by making an interconnected brand platform where you have all the tools you need to stay on-brand, consistently and easily

On-brand design templates

Get hundreds of design templates that automatically use your brand assets, making it incredibly easy to stay on-brand.

Design editor

Our design editor is tailor-made for brand requirements, offering instant access to your brand logos, fonts, colors, and more with just a click. It combines numerous features in a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need to repeatedly search or upload brand elements.

Digital Asset Management

Easily store, organize, and access all your brands digital assets in one centralized location. No more scrolling through endless folders or searching through various platforms for the perfect asset

Social Media Publishing (Coming Soon)

Schedule and post your brand's social media posts directly from Baseline to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.