Interview with Lee Busch

Jan 02, 2024 — Gilli Sigurdsson
Interview with Lee Busch

In this edition of our Baseline customer spotlight series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Lee Busch, the Creative Director of Lee Busch Design. Lee is a seasoned creative professional who, after running a medium-sized design studio, transitioned into a more location-independent lifestyle. In our interview, Lee shares insights into how Baseline has transformed how he manages branding for his clients and has significantly impacted his business.

Can you tell us a bit about your company and your journey?

Certainly! After working in both design and advertising, and then running a medium-sized communications firm, I decided to downsize to care for my father as his health declined. During this time, I returned to freelancing, working remotely and living in an Airstream trailer by the ocean. It allowed me to enjoy the flexibility of working from different locations and to “put my home into storage” when I needed to take care of dad.

Now, I enjoy being more location-independent and, inspired by my parents, have expanded my services to include coaching and consulting. I create and deliver health coaching programs for one of my clients, and also have private coaching clients. In a former side-hustle, I was also formulating and selling organic vegan baking mixes.

Who is your typical customer, and what industries do you prefer to work with?

I prefer to work with those who have a positive impact on others — either entrepreneurs or small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This includes doctors, coaches, authors, artists, or anyone whose work improves the quality of life, uplifts, enhances health, or fosters growth. I like to collaborate with those who are making a positive difference in the world.

What was your process like before using Baseline?

I didn't really have a structured process for managing branding materials. It was a bit ad-hoc. When clients needed specific files or assets, I would email them upon request. It worked, but it wasn't the most efficient way to handle branding elements.

What made you choose Baseline, and how has it impacted your work process?

I liked the look of Baseline's brand manuals. Compared to some other options, what the client saw was cleaner and more elegant. Then, as I began to use it more, I discovered some nice quality-of-life features, like the auto-generation of file formats for export. I've seen other branding people provide a massive Dropbox folder with nested folders of logo colors and formats, and it's such a mess to do it that way. I also like being able to embed the resource on a 'Branding' page of my client's website. I'll do that along with some image galleries of their reference or product images.

How has Baseline made a difference for your company, and how do your clients perceive it?

Baseline has had a significant impact on my company's image. My clients now perceive me as more organized and professional. The visual presentation of branding materials through Baseline enhances the client experience and reinforces my commitment to delivering quality work.

Baseline has been a valuable addition to my creative toolbox. It not only simplifies the way I manage branding but also helps my clients feel taken care of, and they love being able get the files they need without making a request and waiting. If you're ing with branding, I recommend giving Baseline a try.

Gilli Sigurdsson

Gilli Sigurdsson

Gilli Sigurdsson is the founder and CEO at Baseline. He likes to write about design, productivity, branding, but occasionally he will talk about the bad weather in Iceland.

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