July updates

Aug 09, 2022 — Gilli Sigurdsson

We've added and improved a lot of things this month. Most notably we added PDF export for the brand guides, it's still in beta so expect some possible issues but definitely go give it a try.


  • PDF Export for Brand Guide (Beta)
  • Design templates now have themes
  • Other templates available in sidebar
  • Brand guide URL can now be customized


  • Modifying Brand Guide Share parameters without editing the URL first no longer gives error
  • Secondary colors not updating for new brand correctly
  • Chat widget is now hidden in Brand Guide and Design Editor


  • Type Scale now shows the body fonts for the paragraphs, and small text

What we are working on:

  • Team features - Add people to your brands and give them content creation abilities for that brand.
  • Logo versions - Add more logo versions other than just the colored, black and white ones.
  • Download logos in more formats, such as PNG, JPEG, and EPS

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Gilli Sigurdsson

Gilli Sigurdsson

Gilli Sigurdsson is the founder and CEO at Baseline. He likes to write about design, productivity, branding, but occasionally he will talk about the bad weather in Iceland.

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