Canva vs Baseline

Jan 19, 2022 — Baseline

The most common question we receive is how Baseline is different from Canva, the leading design tool in our category. Let's start by clearing up that we think Canva is fantastic, and it has done a tremendous job in making design more accessible to everyone. The main difference is that Baseline is focused on making brand design a lot simpler and less time-consuming by eliminating the need to apply your brand manually.

Why Baseline?

So why should you choose Baseline over Canva, you ask? Here at Baseline, we are focused on brands. We think it should be simpler and easier to create a good brand and all the content needed for a brand.

The content you create for your brand needs to be consistent for your company to look professional. That's the key feature of Baseline. It's effortless to create that content and keep it looking on-brand. You don't even have to know the hex for your brand color; Baseline knows and adds it to your designs for you.

Although Canva provides a "Brand Kit", it still requires you to manually edit every design to apply your brand. That is a lengthy process and can be difficult if you are not an experienced designer.

Essentially Baseline wants to save you a lot of time when building your brand. It has a very focused set of tools to do just that.

Why Canva

Canva has an enormous amount of templates to choose from. It's handy for people who don't care so much about keeping a consistent brand. For example, it's perfect for teachers who need to create many slides and things like that because branding is not essential to teachers.

Canva also has more features than Baseline at the moment. That is something we hope to change, although we are always focused on quality over quantity. We don't care to add features just to add features. They need to make sense for our users and be easy to use.



In the end, it's a matter of priorities. Choose Baseline if you care about branding and want to create a professional brand. Choose Canva if you are looking for a vast template selection and features and don't care much about creating a consistent, memorable brand.

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