New Free Tool, A background remover

Gilli Sigurdsson 07 Jul 2021

Last week we added a new free tool, an AI-powered background remover. This brings our free tool offerings to three. Norde, our Icon manager, Baseline Type Scale Generator and now Baseline Background Remover.

Our background remover is very easy to use, simply upload an image that preferably has a good contrast between the foreground and the background. Then wait for a few seconds while the AI does its magic, and voila, you will be presented with an image without any background.

The background removal technology is also available from within Baseline itself. You can choose from one of our stock photos or upload your own image to baseline and then remove the background to easily make a stunning design by adding any background you want. This is perfect for creating product photos or adding portraits to an already existing design.

Head over and check out the free tool, or sign up to use it in our design editor, Baseline Studio.

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